So it’s a men’s shirt…I bought it anyways. I can never wear collared women’s shirts because the chest is too tight. Plus it has little skulls on it so that’s an immediate “yes I’ll take it”

i want this framed and above my bed tbh


They use Twitter like my parents use text “I heart Scully” OmiGOD


Skulls by Duncan X
So now that I cut my hair

What are some tips for growth and healthy hair?

I already take biotin, but I’m trying to make my hair as healthy as possible so give me your secrets and tips.


Anonymous asked: I have a severe teeth phobia, but I love your blog ... would you be open to tagging your teeth posts in the future? :) have a great day! btw, loove your new haircut!

Oh my god, of course!

I’m so sorry about that. I forget that sometimes my interests tend to be a little out there and to many they can actually be frightening. I’ll tag them “teeth” and “tw teeth” from now on.

I feel so glamorous. Like a glamorous molting snake 😒


protect young girls at all costs and destroy the gross middle aged men who try to chat them up



It’s Wednesday.